It looks like you have finally decided to buy a house.

For most people out there, buying a house is a dream for which they work from day till night. But, you should know that buying a house is nothing like buying a car; not only is it a big investment on its own, things can get really confusing when you are in the real estate market.

In order to successfully buy a house, you’ll likely need a mortgage down the road, and it will probably be the biggest loan you’ve ever taken. Usually, 30-year mortgage refinances rates are preferred the most, which only means it is crucial that you don’t make any mistakes. Getting it right without any complications means educating yourself.


A Rough Example for 30-Year Mortgage Rate

Term Rate APR
30-year fixed 2.890% 3.090%
30-year fixed FHA             2.440% 3.320%
30-year fixed VA 2.880% 3.140%
30-year fixed jumbo        2.900% 2.970%

A Rough Example for 15-Year Mortgage Rate

Term Rate APR
15-year fixed 2.300% 2.610%
15-year fixed VA 2.250% 2.710%
15-year fixed jumbo        2.270% 2.330%

The Basic Fundamentals of Mortgage Interest Rates

Getting yourself a mortgage can be an intimidating process, and there are different mortgage types & insurance, and interest rates. The process, on the other hand, is proven to be a frustrating one.

The interest rate you pay will affect the total cost of your mortgage, and as you have learned, mortgages can last up to 30 years. Your choices can affect your finances for up to that length of time, so you need to understand how the interest rate works.

  • Mortgage Payment Structures

With so many different aspects making up a single mortgage payment, it’s a better idea to know exactly where all the costs are coming from. You’ve got to be smart, so don’t get caught up in some scheme because you may end up paying more than you had to. Know all the fees before you buy.

  • Understand The Mortgage Points

Just like there are different types of mortgages available, there are also different ways to pay off your mortgage. Depending on the structure of the loan you choose, mortgage points can be a great way to reduce the interest you’re charged. But since you pay points up front, they’re not suitable for every situation.

  • Fixed-Rate vs. Adjustable Rate

Since you came this far, it means that you are all set to take out a mortgage on a home you may have been eyeing for some time. But the question is, which type of mortgage is perfect for your situation? A fixed-rate mortgage is secure but may cost more initially than an adjustable-rate mortgage. On the other hand, if rates go up, you’ll eventually pay more for that adjustable-rate loan.

Final Thoughts

And that sums up every basic aspect of payment structures and 30-year mortgage refinance rates. Now that there’s no confusion whatsoever, it’s time to turn your dream of owning a house into the reality you have always wanted.