When you get ready to move into the new house of your dreams, it will become evident what kind of mortgage will work best for your financial goals. After all, becoming homeownership is a new chapter in your life. An adjustable-rate mortgage qualifier is one of the alternatives you can choose from. However, if you are unclear about an adjustable rate, we have provided detailed information below to clear it out

Definition of Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

A House loan with an online rate that changes over time by the market is referred to as an ARM. Essentially, it begins with an interest rate lower than fixed-rate mortgages. Therefore, an ARM is a fantastic choice if you want to start with the lowest mortgage rate available. With this interest rate, the interest rate on this will eventually decrease. Still, after the initial phase, the monthly payment may occasionally change, making it challenging to factor into your budget.

This interest rate won’t stay long, however. Your monthly payment may fluctuate from time to time after the initial period, which makes it challenging to consider your budget. Learning about ARM loans might help you be ready if your rate increases.

How Does It Work?

It is a long-term home loan with two periods: a fixed and an adjustable period.

  • Fixed period: In this period, at the initial stage of the fixed rate (initial 5, 7, or 10 years of the loan), your interest remains the same.
  • Adjustment period: If you are an adjustable-rate mortgage qualifier, then during this period, the interest rate will fluctuate based on the changes in the benchmark.

For instance, if you obtain your 30-year ARM for a 5-year fixed rate. The first five years of the loan would have a low, fixed-rate as a result. For the following 25 years of the loan, your rate may increase or decrease.

Refinancing An ARM

When the financial circumstances change, an ARM is a right fit for some situations, but not all cases. It can pursue refinancing your ARM into a fixed-rate mortgage to lock in more stability than an ARM can offer.

Thankfully, the procedure is not too complicated. You will obtain a new loan through refinancing to pay off the initial mortgage, and you’ll then begin repaying the new mortgage. Because a new mortgage is involved, you’ll need to take many of the same steps you did while qualifying for your initial loan. For instance, you’ll probably need to present bank statements, pay stubs, and other documentation of your income and debts.


Depending on your situation, choosing an adjustable-rate mortgage is one consideration in purchasing a home essential, or you explore different types first to get a sense of your case.

When you believe an ARM is right for your house purchase and are ready to move forward in the home-buying process with the help of the best mortgage companies in Maryland, apply for initial approval. We’ll help you to secure the right loan for your dream home.